Soldiers Field Angels Announces Launch of Second Fund


2 August, 2018

Soldiers Field Angels Announces Launch of Second Fund
Mexico City April 15, 2017

Soldiers Field Angels Announces the First Closing of its Second Fund to Invest in Venture Capital in

Deborah Dana Beyda
m. +525513532541

Soldiers Field Angels, SFA, today announced the first closing of its Second Fund, SFA II, which
seeks continue the mission of SFA to be a detonating agent of entrepreneurship in Mexico.

The investors of SFA II, like SFA I, are all alumni of the business school of Harvard and all have an
active role within the fund. The fund will also count soon with the participation of NAFIN as a
strategic investor through its Capital Fund Entrepreneur. The structure of active partners and
investors with profiles in the different sectors makes SFA a fund with a unique alpha strategy in
the private capital ecosystem.

The fund continues with a boutique fund vision with an objective size of 100 million pesos, thus
achieving the necessary attention to each investment and maintaining an average ticket of
investment between 250-500 thousand dollars.

Deborah Dana Beyda, Managing Partner, said: “SFA II seeks to continue the mission of SFA I to
innovate in the private capital sector through a structure of active partner investors. The
results and the growth that the companies of the SFA I portfolio show today demonstrate the
strength that active strategic partners can have in supporting entrepreneurship, and SFA II will
look for continue that development. ”

About Soldiers Field Angels

Soldiers Field Angels is a Venture Capital fund that seeks to exponentiate entrepreneurs and
businesses through Harvard Business School alumni smart capital. We look for our investments
to be of high impact in initial rounds.

With an extensive experience on focus industries: Energy, Transport, Health, Agriculture,
Tourism, Education, Consumer Goods, Technology Information, Financial Inclusion and
Consumer Services, the SFA mentor network capitalizes years of applicable experience and
leadership to the companies invested through an alpha differentiating strategy in the private
capital industry in the country.

The first fund, SFA I, was launched in 2013 and currently has a portfolio of 7 companies focusing
on high impact early stage investments. The companies in the portfolio include: Iguanafix,
Cervecería de Colima, Now New Media, Tropical Organic Growers, iVOY, Billpocket, and Bandhub.

The second fund, SFA II, will be in 2017, with a focus on continuing the original mission of SFA
expanding the amount of investment in high-impact companies in initial rounds.