Soldiers Field Angels Fund I Announced


2 August, 2018

Soldiers Field Angels Fund I Announced
Mexico City 07-26-2013

Soldiers Field Angels Fund I Announces Final Close to Invest in Mexico and Latin America

Deborah Dana Beyda
m. +525513532541

Soldiers Field Angels, SFA, announced today the completion of its final close for its first venture
fund in Mexico. SFA is to be the first fund in which all partners have an active role either as
mentors or managers, the key to the alpha strategy of the fund.

Venture Capital and Private Equity in Mexico have shown significant growth in the last couple of
years thanks to the oportunity which lies in this market. Smart, educated and avid entrepreneurs
are in search of financing to grow their businesses, and both public and private sector are
responding to this need.

All of SFA´s capital came from the 25 Harvard Business School Alumni Partners which pose either a
managing or mentoring role. This diverse and highly involved partner structure allows for acces to
a diverse deal flow, a structured alpha growth strategy for invested companies and the adequate
network for potential exit strategies.

About Soldiers Field Angels

Soldiers Field Angels is a Venture Capital fund which seeks to iad entrepreneurs and companies
growth via smart investment of Harvard Business School alumni in Mexico. We seek high impact
investment in initial rounds ranging between $50,000 USD and $250,000 USD per investment.

Due to our highly involved partner structure we are able to offer in depth experience in the
following industries: Energy, Transportation, Health, Agriculture, Turism, Education, Consumer
Goods, IT, and Finance. SFA´s mentorship network capitalizes years of experience and leadership
which are applied to the investment portafolio, a true diferentiator in the private equity industry
in Mexico.